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Idu Mishmi protect ancestral land through community conservation

Iho Mitapo grew up hearing stories about how his elders made long journeys every day from their homes in the Elopa and Etugu villages in the hills, crossing forests and encountering herds of wild animals, to reach their farmlands. They cultivated and harvested crops and took the same route back to their homes, said 30-year-old Mitapo who now lives in Roing town of Lower Dibang valley district in Arunachal Pradesh.

Over time, to make things easier, residents from the villages moved closer to the

The Pandemic Has Exacerbated India’s Mental Health Care Crisis

Leena Khurana was 14 years old when her classmates began bullying her—and soon after, she had her first psychotic breakdown. Leena’s older sister Payal Kumar recalls how her younger sister was “an amazing girl” with a “very high IQ” who excelled in studies as well as music and swimming. Back then, the family was settled in Manchester, England, where Payal and Leena’s father K.M. Khurana worked as a doctor in the National Health Service. After her breakdown, Leena never quite recovered. She attem